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What drives a warrior to fight?

Get your FREE copy of Tempered Steel

Some take up arms to protect their homeland, while others seek glory and riches. For Charlaine and Ludwig, it's the result of a love that can never be!

Charlaine deShandria has never questioned what her future holds. For years, she's trained to take over her father's smithy, spending her every waking hour toiling at the forge.

Ludwig Altenburg loathes his role as the baron's son. Always dreaming of fighting battles, he must now surrender himself to the inevitability of his future.

Duty is all they've known, but when they meet, they begin to question if there is more to life. Before they can even make a choice, they are surrounded by those determined to tear them apart.

Lives are changed forever when family secrets are revealed in this clash of classes that propels two people towards their destiny!

Travel back to the origins of two people who are destined to become mighty warriors in Tempered Steel, the prequel of Paul J Bennett's newest epic fantasy series, Power Ascending.

Seize your copy of Tempered Steel today and learn Charlaine's story today!

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