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The struggle of power kindled by the sister blades begins a new cycle...and Fate is watching.


Thank you for your interest and support! I hope you enjoy this FREE first volume in the Eyes of Fate trilogy. A brief and honest review after reading is always appreciated.

A long-lasting treaty is shattered. The horns of war echo from the eastern shores. A conflict is triggered that will determine the outcome of all life in the Hidden Lands. None can know the will of Fate. His watchful eye governs the flow of history and the sister blades He crafted triggers the rise and fall of nations.

Caleb Rambrant is the son of the famed hero of the west, the man who slew the dark sage. As captain in the forces of Tritus, his duty is to defend the homeland from the onslaught of Talgoth, the rising kingdom led by the Lioness – the merciless Queen Tamara.

Joined by a blacksmith’s daughter, hex-casting wardens, and a mysterious shape shifter from across the sea, Caleb sets off on a quest of retribution for the wrongs done to his country…but forces more hostile than foreign steel await them on the road.

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