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Marooned in space is a terrible way go… especially if your crewmates would eat you to stay alive!

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Captain Zekar Rumrennel of the Illewyn isn’t exactly a straight shooter. If it wasn’t for his espionage training decades ago during his days with Section C, he’d have run afoul of the law long before now.

After Illewyn is damaged in a shoot-out with alien warriors and left to drift in a lonely deep space hyper route, an opportunity to both repair their ship and pull a once-in-a-lifetime job presents itself. Their rescuers aboard a stellar gambling yacht are filthy stinky rich… but before they can consider a grift, a passenger alerts the Illewyn crew: all is not as it seems.

Something evil lurks aboard the rescue craft—something that won’t easily let them leave… and if they stay, none of them will survive!

Jump into a new Sci-Fi Series that’s perfect for fans of David Weber, Jay Allan, Mark E. Cooper, Craig Martelle, and Joshua Dalzelle.

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