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Sci-Fi/Fantasy Shows Summer 2023


Star Trek-Strange New World

Review: Strange New World

If I had to sum up Strange New World I would use—Fun! Reverting back to what brought TV viewers to the original Star Trek, the second season of Captain Pike and his Crew gives you a 48-minute escape from the world around you. It does remind me of watching the original.

So far this season, each episode is taking the POV from an individual crew member. My favorite episodes have been La'an Noonien-Singh going back in time with the future Captain Kirk and the one when Uhura and Spock met Kirk. I love Captain Pike. This series is a must-see for Trekkies! It's on Paramount Plus. While there, a couple of other must-see Star Trek shows— Picard, Season 3, and Discovery.


Honestly, I've only watched one episode. I was so excited for it to come out. Absolutely loved season two, but the first episode fell short. I will probably talk myself into watching the rest of the season. But right now, I really can't recommend it, but I do love Henry Cavil as Geralt. Netflix


I was hooked on Manifest in the first season on NBC. So happy Netflix picked it up. It slowed a little in the middle, but the finish was well worth it. I was totally satisfied. Netflix


I love Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra together. It starts off well, but I quickly figured it out. I love twists and turns, but these were written on the wall before it happened. Still, it's worth watching. Amazon Prime


I was looking around and came across this show. I haven't watched the whole thing, but I will say I've enjoyed what I've watched. It has an interesting storyline and the visuals are good. Apple TV

Tell me what you enjoy. Leave a comment below.

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