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“Guarding something small is important”


Mystical Kingdom Secrets Series 1 is a fantasy mystery action-packed series that is a step into an adventure that will have you questioning everything you knew about the world that came before us. You will get a glimpse into the captivating world of the Mystical Kingdoms. Find out how our own future began to unfold in this gripping new release of worlds of the past. You’ll want to be a part of the next journey in the Realms of the Mystical Kingdoms.

King of Scales has the face of a half-human and half Dragon with the scales going down half his body. The King goes to the palace’s tower to check on the Dragon’s Pearl, and we learn in the opening scene how he had turned into the dragon in the first place. He wants to cast a spell using the pearl to remove the scales from his body and be completely human, but he has been unsuccessful so far in several attempts. His Queen had been taken from him long ago, back when his son was an infant.

There’s a reason guards and fairies heavily guard the Dragon’s Pearl. The powers and spells can be ignited by using the Dragon’s Pearl depending on the user’s purpose for good or evil, which can be disastrous when in the wrong hands!

Will the guards be able to keep the enemies away from the pearl? Will the fairies be able to keep it hidden if anyone gets through? And what about the King? Will he find the right spell to turn him back into his human form?


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