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I was satisfied that the pups would at least survive until I could get them to the surface, where the Red Queen, her Drake, and the alpha female waited. They were older and much wiser than I, and they would know how to best see to these orphans. Live, I willed them. Live, and I will guard over you evermore.

After the chaos of the destruction of the human village, Sister - the smallest and most overlooked of all the Mist Wolfs - hears something.

Every pack of mist wolves has a Queen whom they serve. Dragons don’t know it, neither do any other creature upon the Pyramid of Souls. They consume the bodies of the dead, and honour those who fall in battle or to disease. It is our true way, and has been for as long as the oldest of the mist wolves can remember.

When their Queen’s village of pets is attacked and destroyed, the pack congregate to honour the Queen’s fallen. Hidden beneath the ruins, one particularly exuberant pup makes a discovery that calms the rampaging Queen, and changes the course of history forever…

A Sister's Courage is a short read of 45 minutes with 39 total pages.

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