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Fierce invading dragons. War-ravaged lands. One fearless dog at his side…


But he doesn’t remember he is supposed to save the world.

Stone is destined to save the lands from the fearsome Dark King upon a monstrous dragon’s back. Unearthed from a deep grave, Stone must not only solve the mystery of who he is but why the Dark King Arken Shadowborn has come- leaving only death and destruction in his wake.

Along with his only friends Ceres and Adler, this trio must make their way to the Mountain of the Mystics to find the answers they most desperately need if they’re to stand a chance against Arken and his invading dragons.

If you like stories like The Wheel of Time and The Sword of Shannara then you’ll love the Riders of Dark Dragons series!

Readers are saying-

“Fantastic series- The storyline is good, the characters are believable and strong, even the dog is super! There’s unexpected twists and turns just as you think you’ve got it figured out. Can’t wait for the next read!”

“Such a great read- Another winner! I loved following Stone through this adventure! The author lures you in and you never want to leave. Well done!”

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