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Behind the scenes of Chronicles of the Ordained Series

The Blessing is coming next week-August 15th! Let's look behind the upcoming book!

Explosive! This one will have you on pins and needles until The Promised!

Continue the Chronicles of the Ordained Saga with The Blessing!

The Secundus’s reign met a fiery end during the Time of Separation. Once more, the night sky bears only one moon, but the cost of peace has been steep. Witheleghe broke from the physical plane that once connected the realm to the outside world to protect the kingdom from Asmeodai. There is no way in or out of the Witheleghe except through the mighty fortress—Nottesdone. Scarladin also suffered. Cyaika's attack saw Yucca burn, and the cathedral crumble. The following years were marked by an uneasy peace secured through the alliance between Witheleghe and Scarladin. To strengthen the fragile bond between the two kingdoms, there has been a betrothal of King Darius’s eldest daughter, Saoirse, to King Edulf’s heir, Mithelk. A marriage destined to happen for both kings have sworn a Meitfe Oath that their children would marry. The children have grown up beside each other within Nottesdone, but the tension between kings has not lessened. King Edulf has been unforgiving toward the Flandigana king, believing King Darius has deceived him once too often. Yet, King Edulf does not dare oppose the wielder of Vaellyn magic. King Darius has his own worries, but none greater than the persistent whispers that Asmeodai still walks and threatens all in his path. King Darius has done all within his power to ensure that the line of those chosen to be the Ordained will not falter. The fate of both kingdoms depends upon those chosen few, and the trials ahead will test their resolve and unity like never before.

Against the backdrop of lies and deceit, murder and betrayal, the Ordained face their greatest challenge. For when Asmeodai returns this time, there is no one safe from his wrath.

Follow the sweeping fantasy adventure entrenched in royal intrigue, powerful foes, and magical exploits. Beware—the saga contains sword & sorcery, dragons and fleogans, and witches and wizards.


Nottesdone, the impregnable castle, rises defiantly, warding off the darkest shadows of evil with unyielding might.


The Eye peers deep into the secrets of the realms and uncovers hidden truths that elude mortal grasp.


A valiant prince, his heart ablaze with courage and devotion, charges forth into perilous battles, braving every danger to safeguard his kingdom and the love that fuels his unwavering resolve.

In the chilling echoes of a future foretold, the ominous words come to life, if fulfilled darkness will envelop the land, and the once hopeful hearts will sink into the abyss of despair.

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