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Be careful what you touch.


Be careful what you touch.

My name is Darla, and people think I’m weird. I know this because I’m a telepath.

After my second husband bails without a word, I’m moving back to my hometown, San Marcos, Florida, one of the nation’s oldest cities.

I’m here to open a nearly 300-year-old inn, and, hopefully, begin a new life. It turns out the inn comes with ghosts and other supernatural features. And the paranormal in my genes is going haywire.

My telepathy has always been hit or miss. But now, along with the arrival of my first hot flashes, I gain a new ability: psychometry. By touching an object, I can read the thoughts and emotions of other people who have touched it.

Good thoughts as well as creepy thoughts. Sweet emotions as well as memories of murder.

Yep, I help a detective investigate a murder. And not a bad-looking detective, I should add.

Living in an ancient city and running an old inn, I’m constantly touching things filled with memories.

And some of them could kill me.

Enter a world of mystery, magic, murder, and mischief, with ties to the Freaky Florida humorous paranormal series.

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