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Alien Invasion done right!

Invasion: The Complete Heartland Aliens Series


The War of the Worlds gets turbocharged in this nonstop action-packed series about a group of survivors thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

When aliens arrive on Earth, the tiny town of Little Creek isn't any more prepared than the rest of the planet.

Without warning or provocation, the otherworldly creatures begin to lay waste to everything.

In the chaos that follows, an unlikely group bands together:

  • A beauty queen with something to prove...

  • A shopkeeper with something to hide...

  • A shellshocked teenager set on revenge...

  • And a world-weary veteran desperate to save them all.

As time runs out, this ragtag crew must find a way to fight back against the alien forces massing around them.

What are they? What do they want? How can they be stopped?

If they fail, it won't just be Little Creek that is lost.

It will be all of humanity.

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