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A crew of outcasts on a decommissioned warship who could change the future...



Humanity’s endless war and a crew of outcasts on a decommissioned warship who could change the future.

First contact with the alien “Clicks” led to a generations’ long war. The Terran Federation still knows very little about the enemy.

Captain Konrad Bradley commands the decommissioned battleship Oberon, the last remaining Titan of the fleet. Mocked as a flying museum - too expensive, too cumbersome, too old - Bradley and his crew of outcasts from a long-vanished colony lead a dull life on the farthest edge of human hegemony.

Bradley’s hope to go quietly into the night ends with the arrival of the legendary Strike Group 2 and the delivery of a secret so great it could end the war. That’s why Lagunia was chosen for its construction.

Getting the system operational doesn’t go as expected leaving Bradley and the Oberon to clean up the mess that has drawn the attention of those they hoped would never find them.

Follow the exploits of The Last Battleship today in the ultimate battle to save humanity.

"Joshua T. Calvert has a gift for making nail-biting science fiction that you can't put down. Get ready for some sleepless nights!" - M.A. Rothman, USA Today bestselling author

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