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Follow the sweeping fantasy adventure entrenched in royal intrigue, powerful foes, and magical exploits. 

Seven centuries have passed since the valiant Knights of the Ordained exiled the malevolent demon, Asmeodai, to his subterranean prison beneath the sacred Wahi Tapu Temple. Over these long years, the memory of his malevolence has faded into obscurity, but Asmeodai's festering hatred for those who condemned him has never waned. His very existence has been a relentless wait, a patient thirst for the day he could finally exact his vengeance. ​ Now, the fateful moment of the Secundus has dawned once more. With the ascension of the second moon, the world trembles with dread at the looming specter of Asmeodai's resurgence. The aftermath of the previous Secundus still casts its shadow, having fractured the once-mighty Jornada Empire into three fractured realms. The Knights of the Ordained, once a symbol of unwavering strength, have themselves undergone a transformation, no longer the stalwart guardians they once were. ​ But amid the encroaching darkness, a glimmer of hope persists. Prophecy speaks of those destined to confront this ancient evil, individuals uniquely ordained for a perilous battle against the resurgent darkness. Their fate cannot be denied; their purpose is to stand against the malevolent force that threatens to consume the world once more.

The Secundus time has come! The second moon now reigns in the sky. With its appearance, the demon lord, Asmeodai, has been freed from his prison. Chaos spreads across the land that once was the ancient Jornado Empire. For the first time in seven hundred years, Flandigana heirs face a formidable challenge. Cyaika has cast a curse that has infected Flandigana magic. King Magnus has gone mad. Rudolph, Lord Commander, had his magic fail in battle. Furthermore, Darius has discovered he has fathered a child with a Nenniusan witch. What’s more—the worse is yet to come. The Sordarins have fared no better. Edulf has firmly secured his crown. But at what cost? He has betrayed his Euchoun’s trust. If revealed, he will not only anger his court but also lose Althea forever. The life that once was is no more.

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